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Advanced Training



Type and Team Building

2 days

This programme aims to increase participants' knowledge of type, especially in observing team members, and to prepare participants to deliver team building training. A resource folder of materials isprovidedthat includes a variety of exercises suitable for trainers, organisational consultants and counsellors who do team building, communication or problem solving with teams.


The Curriculum includes:

Team Building, Team analysis using type

Overlaying type theory on the Group Stage Model (Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing and Adjourning)

How to get commitment, respect and trust

How to motivate different types in a team

Designing Team Building workshops

Cooperative activities to use with teams (team learning activities)

How to observe and debrief activities to improve the functioning of the team



Pre-requisite:  A thorough knowledge of Type theory.        

Recommended reading: Quick Guide to the 16 Types and Teams, by Berens, Ernst & Smith.

Presenter:       Mary McGuiness


Sydney:   June 28-29, 2017

Brisbane: November  , 2017      

Fee:               $540  (includes resource folder)

Earlybird fee:  $515 (if paid 4 weeks before)

Group discounts available. 

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Using Type in Coaching

Based on the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality types.

1 day

Encouraging Peak Performance in Individuals

Are you considering working as a personal trainer or workplace coach?

Do you want to explore how type theory can be used effectively in coaching?

This workshop is designed for professionals who want to use their knowledge of type theory to coach individuals in a personal or professional context. It will be a practical workshop focusing on how type theory can be used to help your clients improve their performance. Designed for workplace coaches, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, supervisors and managers.


The Curriculum includes:

  • · An overview of the coaching process
  • · Using personality type in coaching
  • · Using type dynamics and type development in coaching
  • · Type-related tools available for coaching, including:

   MajorsPTITM, MajorsPT Elements (Step II); MBTI® Step 1 and Step II; MTR-i™ and ITPQ; Function-Skills Development Assessment; and the ArsenalTM.

  • · Communication styles for each of the sixteen types
  • · Coaching executives and managers
  • · Coaching people at midlife
  • · Resilience and its relationship to personality types


Pre-requisite:Knowledge of Jung-Myer-Briggs Type theory.


Presenter:      Mary McGuiness


Dates:            Adelaide:       October, 2015. 


Time:           9 - 5pm 


Course Fee:     $345, includes one book plus course notes.

Early bird fee:  $320 (for registration by September 15).


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Designing Creative Workshops in Psychological Type

2 days

 Learn how to deliver creative and effective type training for maximum learning. This is a practical workshop with lots of new ideas.  In this workshop you will experience numerous exercises that you can use with your clients in individual sessions and in group sessions. This will include activities for basic type workshops and applications workshops such as Communications and Conflict.


In this course you will:

•  Explore a variety of ways of presenting type theory

•  Learn how to design training to suit different learning styles

•  Learn to design training to match the size, needs and type

   of any group

•  Receive a workbook of ideas for facilitating type training.


Prerequisite:    Accreditation in the MBTI®  or the MajorsPTI ™.

Presenter:        Mary McGuiness

Sydney:           October 26-27, 2015

                        Melbourne: december 3-4, 2015

Times:             9 - 4pm

Fee:                 $490      

Earlybird fee:   $450  (if paid 4 weeks before)


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Using Type in Counselling

1 day

A programme for psychologists, counsellors, therapists and career counsellors who want to integrate type into the counselling process. You will gain insight into the diagnosis of problems and appropriate treatment strategies for different types.

The content includes:

  • · Client and counsellor needs
  • · Communicating with similar and different types
  • · Type related issues in counseling
  • · Type development and the Inferior function
  • · Dealing with the Inferior function
  • · Intervention strategies for different types
  • · Case studies to generate strategies for dealing with problems


Pre-requisite: Accreditation in the MBTI or the MajorsPTI.

Presenter:       Mary McGuiness

Location:         Sydney

Dates:              2016

Times:              9 - 4pm

Total Fee:         $250

Early Bird Fee:  $225 (Register 4 weeks before)


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Registrations close two weeks before the workshop.