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For more than 25 years ITD has been Australia’s leading training organization using Jung’s theory of Psychological Types and related instruments, including the MajorsPTITM and the MBTI® instrument. In 2017 we continue to provide high quality training and certification in psychological type theory and the application of type theory.

Please contact Mary McGuiness on 0417661104  if you have any questions.

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Ideal resource for introducing clients

to type. Packed with information,

including two pages about each type!

RRP $13. Bulk discounts available.

Written and published in Australia.      


Majors PTI   Certification (Step I)                                   

Melbourne:  May 29-31, 2017  

Sydney:  June 19-21, 2017    

Brisbane:  August 23-25 ,  2017    

Canberra:  October, 2017  

Contact ITD for other dates and locations, and In-house programs.  

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MajorsPT- Elements (Step II)

Prerequisite: Certification in the MajorsPTI or the MBTI

Sydney: May 24, 2017

Melbourne: August 2, 2017

Brisbane: September, 2017

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