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Using Psychological Type theory in Coaching


Based on the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality types.

1 day

Encouraging Peak Performance in Individuals for Personal and Professional Development.

Are you considering working as a personal trainer or workplace coach?

Do you want to explore how type theory can be used effectively in coaching?

This workshop is designed for professionals who want to use their knowledge of type theory to coach individuals in a personal or professional context. It  is particulalry designed for workplace coaches, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, supervisors and managers. It is also appropriate for counsellors - we will look at the difference between coaching and counselling, and how and where type theory is useful. It is a practical workshop focusing on how type theory can be used to help your clients improve their performance and build Resilience. We will examine some case studies. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your own cases if you wish.


The Curriculum includes:

  • An overview of the coaching process
  • Using personality type in coaching
  • Using type dynamics and type development in coaching
  • Type-related tools available for coaching, including:   MajorsPTITM, MajorsPT Elements (Step II); MBTI® Step 1 and Step II; The Arsenal.
  • Communication styles for the different types
  • Coaching executives and managers
  • Coaching people at midlife
  • Resilience and its relationship to personality types


Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Jung-Myers-Briggs Type theory.

Presenter:      Mary McGuiness

Dates and Time:               

  • Virtual course - 2 half days in July 2020. Please enquire.
  • Sydney workshop:  if possible, one day,  October 2020 (9am-5pm)  

Course Fee:     $275, includes course notes.

Earlybird fee:    $245 if registered 4 weeks before.

Please register at least three weeks before the workshop.


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