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Majors Conversion Course


Majors Conversion Course

A New Generation of Psychological Type instruments

For professionals accredited in the MBTI®.

This workshop will introduce you to a group of new instruments available to use with Jungian/Myers-Briggs personality theory, focusing on the Majors Personality Type Inventory. These instruments are all based on the 16 personality types described by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers.

In this workshop we will examine

  • the structure, administration, scoring and interpretation of the MajorsPTI instrument.
  • A brief introduction to the MajorsPT Elements (Step II) and the Majors OEM.
  • An opportunity to discuss any issues related to the use of type instruments.

The Majors instruments:  

The Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (MajorsPTI™) , is a 52 item instrument designed by Mark Majors. It identifies a person’s natural personality type, giving the same popular four letter type code as the MBTI®. This instrument is used in exactly the same way as the MBTI®, working with individuals and groups for personal or organization development. It is available in a self-scoreable version and an on-line version. Research indicates an incredibly high level of accuracy with this instrument.  

Majors Personality Type Elements ™ (Step II). This on-line instrument identifies the personality types giving the familiar four-letter type code and also gives a results on 16 sub-scales. These subscales give more detail about the different personality characteristics, and therefore identify some of the differences we find in people of the same type. This instrument gives an expanded report (15 pages) with more information than Step I. There will be a brief introduction to this instrument and how it can be used.

The Majors Occupational Environment Measure TM (MajorsOEM ) is a 93-item instrument that evaluates individual differences and the person/environment fit. It is an on-line instrument that gives a 12-page personalized Career Exploration Report. The report  provides your clients with valuable information to help them make career decisions that are satisfying and a good fit for their personality.


The workshop fee includes:

  • Notes on each instrument
  • Completion of two instruments.
  • A copy of a sample report for the MajorsPTI (Step i) and the MajorsPT Elements (StepII).

Recommended Reading:

These books are available for purchase:

The MajorsPTI Maual , by Mark Majors Ph.D.

The Functions of Type , by Gary Hartzler and Margaret Hartzler

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