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Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Sales


The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Sales takes sales to a new level! Traditional sales focus on "low-hanging fruit" with a goal of making enough contacts and then hope for some success. In the early 1990s, an ability to focus in on demographics improved the specificity of sales pursuits. Now Groundbreaking Sales takes this process one step further: down to the roots, the core needs of your clients and potential clients. Address these and your success is likely to improve significantly.

In order to achieve success in sales, you must understand your clients and yourself. This text introduces the concept of temperament theory and then shows you how to use it to improve your sales. You'll learn tips to improve how you relate to everyone from clients to co-workers and even how to coordinate your sales team more effectively. The result? More sales (both short term and long term) and a stronger bottom line!