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Majors Personality Type Elements (Step II)


 Majors Personality Type Elements TM (Step II)

Certification Programme


1 day

Become certified to use this amazing instrument! The 17-page report includes information on the 8 personality preferences, plus 16 subscales related to the preferences, and the 8 functions. It also includes scores on Personality Formation - Adaptability, Perseverance and Believed Ability to Succeed - all indicate Resilience and blockages to development. 

Each of the preferences used to describe the 16 types can be subdivided into various facets or elements. This Step II instrument gives us four pairs of elements, hence four subscales, for each dichotomy. These elements provide additional information showing differences between people of the same type.


For example, the four pairs of Elements on the Extraversion–Introversion dichotomy are:

Starting Action


Observing Action

Tendency for Group Settings


Tendency for One-on-One Settings

Socially Expressive


Socially Reflective

Energising Effect


Calming Effect



This Step II instrument is completed on-line. It gives an expanded report (17 pages) with more information than Step I. It also gives you the Step I results.


The Majors PT-Elements generates two reports:

1. The Majors PT-Elements™ Detail Report, for the client. This on-line instrument gives a more detailed 17-page report with results on the 4 basic scales, plus 16 subscales, and the use of the 8 Jungian functions. 

2. The Majors PT-Elements™ Professional’s Report, for use by the professional facilitator, coach or counselor.  The MajorsPTE gives numeric scores for the information provided on the client report. It also reports on some specific areas of development and some blockages to development. This latter section, called Personality Formation, includes several scales that indicate blockaages that may be preventing you from being true to your own type. These blockages are related to Resilience and give insight into possible problems in personality development. The three main areas are: the Level of Perseverance, Level of Adaptation and Believed Ability to Succeed. 


The MajorsPT-Elements Programme includes:

  • Completing the MajorsPT Elements instrument on-line
  • The meaning of each of the subscales
  • Interpretation of scores, including ‘out of pattern’ scores
  • Exploration of the Professional Report, including Personality Formation scores:  the Level of Perseverance, Level of Adaptation and Believed Ability to Succeed.
  • How to use this instrument with individuals and in groups. 
  • Interpretation of your own printed report (17 pages)
  • How to use Step II for individual feedback and in a group setting to improve teamwork, communication and problem solving
  • A variety of experiential activities related to the subscales that you can to use with clients.


Who Should Attend this Programme?

Professionals who are accredited in the MajorsPTI or the MBTI who work with individuals or groups in personal or professional development. 

When to Use MajorsPT Elements: Step II

  • To validate individual differences within each type
  • To clarify an unclear type preference
  • To support individual development in career counselling
  • To provide insight and direction in executive coaching
  • To promote team building
  • To promote personal development and understanding

Prerequisite: Accreditation in the MajorsPTI™ or the MBTI ®  

Cost:   $440   includes completing the MajorsPTE questionnaire.


Times and Loactions:

VIRTUAL COURSE:  August, please enquire. 

This virtual course will be offered as 2 half-days instead of one full day.  Virtual 'in-house' courses are also possible if you have a group of 4 or more. Please contact ITD for more information. 

Sydney:  second half of 2020. Please enquire

Melbourne: please enquire

Brisbane: please enquire

Contact ITD for other dates and locations and in-house programs.

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